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Tarayana Foundation

By booking your trip with MyBhutan, you are directly contributing to bettering the lives of marginalized Bhutanese: MyBhutan gives proceeds from your trip to the Tarayana Foundation, our nonprofit partner. Tarayana Foundation is a registered CSO (Civil Society Organization) that works to uplift and enhance disadvantaged communities in Bhutan. Learn more about the Tarayana Foundation.

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"MyBhutan is the ultimate resource for planning a trip to Bhutan. I cannot recommend them enough. Through their work, they are not only making traveling to Bhutan a million times more simple, but they are providing work for Bhutanese people and donating to philanthropic efforts within the country."
Nathalie Kelley
December 2014
"I experienced Bhutan with my family through MyBhutan this past summer, and discovered a secret world of peace and kindness in a mountain community. We were able to eat dinner at a local farm, hike in the Himalayas to a sacred Bhutanese monastery, learn about herbal medicine through our tour guide, visit a summer festival, and see the unique architecture. Thank you so much for assisting with my once-in-a-lifetime experience!"
Alisha Cahlan
July 2015
"MyBhutan’s committment to create unique experiences made my journey through Bhutan unforgettable."
Yvan Rodic
December 2014
I had heard that it was difficult to get to a visa to Bhutan, but MyBhutan made the booking process extremely easy... All I had to do was send them my details and desired dates of travel, and they took care of the rest!
Elizabeth Farabee
September 2015
Having been in our hotel industry for over 20 years, I am excited to believe that MyBhutan will introduce the next generation of tourism in Bhutan.
Dilu Giri
Hotel Druk, General Manager
Guide Association of Bhutan
Representing 800 travel guides in all 20 districts
"MyBhutan hosts the most comprehensive guide directory. Booking a trip through MyBhutan ensures that you will be traveling with Bhutan's most qualified."
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"We ask that you please support this platform, bringing both enhanced technology and advanced business processes to our industry to better serve us and our customers."