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We feel blessed each and every day to be sharing and exploring our beloved Himalayan home in all of its variety and wonder together with you.

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PURE Life Experiences

PURE looks for those who capture the true spirit of travel; who represent the attitude, the handcrafted luxury, and the quest for the road less travelled that defines our industry.

Luxury Tribe

The curated list of high-powered and high-profile A-list attendees is unrivaled and welcomed by invitation only. As the most substantive and exclusive luxury travel trade event of the year, the attendees provide in-demand untold luxury transformative experiences that satisfy today’s sophisticated traveller.

Tourism Council of Bhutan

Bhutan is regarded as one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world. The TCB’s “high value, low impact” policy requires that all tourists visiting Bhutan pre-book their trip with a TCB certified tour operator. MyBhutan is a TCB certified tour operator.