Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Bhutan is shrouded in mystery.

But, we have the answers.

What is the time zone in Bhutan?

Is there a limit on the number of tourists that can enter Bhutan each year?

Will I get a refund on my payment if I cancel my trip after completing the transaction?

Is Bhutan safe?

What is the traditional architecture of Bhutan?

Are there ATMs in Bhutan?

What is the weather like from December through February?

Can I do photography in Bhutan?

What am I allowed to bring home from Bhutan?

How do I book my flights into Bhutan?

Are there any dangerous areas in Bhutan?

How secure is my card payment for my trip?

When did Bhutan start allowing tourism?

When did Bhutan become a democracy?

Why are festivals such an integral piece of Bhutan's culture?

Are vegetarian meals available in Bhutan?

Is there a helicopter service in Bhutan?

Why are most flights arriving and departing Bhutan in the morning?

Did the earthquake in Nepal affect Bhutan?

What is the capital of Bhutan?

How far in advance must I book my trip to Bhutan?

Do I need travel insurance to visit Bhutan?

What is the national animal of Bhutan?

Are drones allowed in Bhutan?

Where is Bhutan?

What is the population of Bhutan?

When is the best season for trekking?

How many kings have ruled Bhutan?

How many districts are in Bhutan?

What are the four pillars that comprise Gross National Happiness?

Can I eat fish I catch in Bhutan?

Where is Tiger's Nest?

How spicy is the food? Are there non-chili or light-chili options?

Which airlines fly to Bhutan?

Can a foreigner become a Bhutanese citizen?

What is the internet availability in Bhutan? Can I get wifi?

What languages are spoken in Bhutan?

Can I bring my own fishing equipment to Bhutan?

What is the TCB?

Can I use my credit card in Bhutan?

Are there emergency health services available in Bhutan?

How are people of different races, religions, and sexual preferences treated in Bhutan?

Do the accommodations have AC/heating?

Is bottled water easily accessible in Bhutan?

How do I pack for my trip to Bhutan?

Will my mobile phone work in Bhutan?

How far in advance must I book my trip to Bhutan?

What does Bhutan have that it attracts tourists every year?

Do I need a visa to enter Bhutan?

Can I get Bhutanese currency (ngultrum) before arriving in Bhutan?

What currency is used in Bhutan?

What types of fish are there in Bhutan?

From which airports can I depart for Bhutan?

Which countries border Bhutan?

Can I change my itinerary after I have already reached Bhutan?

How early should I arrive at the gate before my flight?

Can Chinese or Indian tourists trek Nub Tsho Na Pata?

What are the most popular activities in each season?

What are popular layover destinations while I am in transit to Bhutan?

Do I need a transit visa when traveling through any airport in India?

How many seasons does Bhutan have?

What is the value of Bhutan's currency?

What side of the plane should I try to sit on?

Does Bhutan welcome gays and lesbians?

Where is Bhutan on a map?

What vaccinations do I need before visiting Bhutan?

What crafts are traditional in Bhutan?

What are some books I should read before visiting Bhutan?

What is the food like in Bhutan?

When is the best time to visit Bhutan?

What do I need to do to apply for a visa?

What level of training or health do I need to climb the Himalayas?

Are there any tips for taking photographs in Bhutan?

What type of electrical power outlets are used in Bhutan?

Is there a fee for delayed arrivals?

Is there television in Bhutan?

Can I withdraw money in Bhutan?

What does TCB Certified mean?

Can I buy antiques in Bhutan?

Can I enter Bhutan by car?

What is the expected tipping behavior in Bhutan?

Which countries have embassies in Bhutan?

What is the history of Bhutan?

What is the weight limit for baggage on DrukAir & Bhutan Airlines?

Who will accompany me on a fishing trip in Bhutan?

What are the accommodations like in Bhutan?

What should I pack for my trip to Bhutan?

Are the hotels listed in the itinerary where I will be staying?

What does HRAB Certified mean?

Can I bring my pet with me to Bhutan?

What time should I plan to wake up each day in Bhutan?

Are there hospitals in Bhutan?

Who is the official US State Department representative in Bhutan?

Is there an emergency search & rescue helicopter service in Bhutan?

What is the official language of Bhutan?

Can I bring tobacco to Bhutan?

Do I need a permit to fish in Bhutan?

Do flight schedules periodically change?

What religions are practiced in Bhutan?

What is the formal attire in Bhutan? Do I have to dress in this attire?

What is the Tarayana Foundation?

How early should I check in for my flight?

How much is the visa fee to visit Bhutan?

Can I pay for my trip with a credit card?

Are there internet cafes in Bhutan?

Can MyBhutan secure my visas to India, Thailand or Nepal?

Do I need to worry about altitude sickness in Bhutan?

Can I bring alcohol or tobacco into Bhutan as a tourist?

Is the Sustainable Development Fee required for entry into Bhutan?

What is the easiest way to book a trip to Bhutan?

What is required from Customs upon arrival?

What are the tour service hours?

Can I fish in Bhutan?

How did Bhutan get its name?

What happens if I get sick in while visiting Bhutan?

Is there a mandatory quarantine on arrival when visiting Bhutan?

What are the differences of the districts in Bhutan?

Can I travel alone as a woman in Bhutan?

What percentage of Bhutan's population is COVID-19 vaccinated?

How many bags may I carry free of charge on the airline?

Which connecting airports require travel visas or transit visas?

How do I get to Bhutan?

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 while in Bhutan?

What type of fishing can I do in Bhutan?

Which currencies can I exchange in Bhutan?

Can I travel to Bhutan if I am unvaccinated?

Are people in Bhutan really happy?

When am I allowed to fish in Bhutan?

What is the government structure in Bhutan?

What is the political structure of Bhutan?

Do hotels in Bhutan have laundry service?

Will masks and hand sanitizer be made available to me while in-country?

What is a Home Stay, Farm Stay or a Farmhouse?

What is the national flower of Bhutan?

Is there malaria in Bhutan?

How do I get around Bhutan?

What are the popular sports in Bhutan?

Which countries have embassies in Bhutan?

Is there nightlife in Bhutan?

What is Gross National Happiness?

What is the climate in Bhutan?