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“Every one of my teammates is a leader. Together, we unite in a relentless pursuit to continually discover and contribute to Bhutan.”

Matthew DeSantis, Founder & CEO

Our Patron Founder

“The Kingdom’s ancient endowment of unspoiled nature and happy people is a legacy that my family has secured and nurtured through our perpetual journeys over generations to Bhutan’s most remote and wild reaches; travels motivated by our unyielding love for the people and places of our magical country.”

His Royal Highness Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck

Patron Founder

We are a family of innovators, creators, benefactors and explorers
with a heart for people and their surrounding places.

Matthew DeSantis

Founder & CEO

Chechay Nidup

Director of Operations

Lhazin Y. Nedup

Director of Partnerships

Karma Yonten

Well-being & Sustainability

Brian Partridge

Technology Lead

Bhuwan Gurung

Lead Software Engineer


Interior Designer

Tsheten Dorji

Private Guide

Kinley Drukpa

Private Guide

Tshering Wangdi

Private Guide


Private Guide

Sonam Phuntsho

Lead Videographer

Kuenga Lhendup

Private Guide

Tashi Tshering

Private Driver

Vincent Roazzi Jr.

Community & People Photographer

Michael Marquand.

Community & People Photographer

Andrew Struder.

Outdooor Photographer

Harisson Rappaport.

Outdooor Photographer

In Memorandum

Milton Glaser (1929-2020) was among the most celebrated graphic designers of our time. His most notable designs include the I Love New York logo, a 1966 poster for Bob Dylan, and the logos for DC Comics, Stony Brook University and Brooklyn Brewery.

In addition to developing MyBhutan’s design portfolio, Milton identified business development opportunities unique to Bhutan and designed logos and packages for potential entrepreneurial projects. His selfless contribution to the Kingdom was instrumental in further growing Bhutan’s global appeal.

Milton Glaser

Former Design Director

University Collaborations

Columbia University

Business and Technology

School of Visual Arts

Design and Marketing

Careers with MyBhutan

  • Adventurous
  • Ambitious
  • Attentive
  • Creative
  • Detailed
  • Pioneering

Together in our unyielding pursuit of positive impact, we believe that a successful organization works hard, attracts great people, focuses on signal over noise, and never follows trends at the expense of our values. We recognize the value of promoting an entrepreneurial, independent, and innovative culture. We support the interests of our greatest asset — our team — by creating a platform that encourages members to reach beyond their role to pursue their passions. Our continuous devotion to support personal and collaborative growth makes our company an extraordinary place to work.

Proudly creating new and innovative ways to support Bhutan, we are doing nothing less than changing the future of travel.

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